Friday, December 26, 2014

Called By Name

"I have summoned you by name; you are mine."
- Isaiah 43:1

"What's your name?"

I try to make this the first question I ask when I meet people.

Think about how precious your name is. You may not be all that crazy about the name you've been given, but it's yours. You are familiar with it.

I was once told that our names are like music to our ears. That amongst hundreds of people, we can still hear our names when they're called.

Learning and remembering people's names is something I've made a practice of. If God calls us by name, why shouldn't we do the same with those we meet? People notice when you remember them. And asking what someone's name is instills a sense of value in them. It shows that I want to know who they are.

I've been a receptionist at a hair salon for the past three years. I've had time to learn most of our customers' names. They light up when I recognize and recall who they are. I love it! This is one of my most favorite parts about my job.

I was at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. While I was waiting to order, I overheard the manager talking to one of the employees. She said his name a couple times. Brian. Brian took my order. He handed me my drink, and I simply said, "Thanks, Brian."

You should have seen his face! I freaked the kid out.

"How did you know my name?!" he asked.

"I heard your manager saying your name." I replied.

He smiled.

Remembering a person's name takes intention. I call it Daily Ministry. It's so simple, yet so impactful. I get to show people Jesus just by calling them by their name. I get to show them that they have worth. And that is awesome!

I'm changing the world, one name at a time.

Try it: For one week, take time to ask for and recall the names of those you meet. 

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