Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You Call Yourself

You call Yourself the Light
This darkness makes it hard to see
Please guide me through the shadows
That I may continue on with Thee

You call Yourself the Shepherd
I'm prone to wander and to roam
When I go to leave Your presence
Break my legs and bring me home

You call Yourself Provider
In shortage I tend to plead
Remind me that You freely give
And will fulfill my need

You call Yourself First and Last
All that was, is, and is to be
When my heart ponders and I fret
Tell me that You are before me

You call Yourself the Vine
In You life finds its root
Help me to abide in Thee
That I might bear Your fruit

You call Yourself Redeemer
Mending all the broken pieces
When I break again and again
Show me Your fixing never ceases

You call Yourself the Peace
But the storm leads me to fear
When the waves begin to crash
Let me know You will draw near

You call Yourself Father
There are times when I feel distant
Help me remember I'm You're child
And that You bend down to listen

You call Yourself Creator
You laid all of the foundations
When I try to stake my claim on these
Remind me they are Your creations

You call Yourself Love
Deeper and wider than the sea
When I feel like no one cares
Show me all You've done for me

There are many names You call Yourself
But this I know for sure
You are the great I AM
And Your names will all endure

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